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All Content Warning monsters and how to beat them

If the haunting black-and-white atmosphere of Old World isn’t scary enough, then any one of the Content Warning monsters is sure to terrify.

A shadow falls over the expressionless face of Knifo, one of the Content Warning monsters.

How do you beat all the Content Warning monsters? If SpookTube was a real thing, the best way to get the most views would surely be to go after the most terrifying creatures of all and survive them. Luckily for all of us, it’s fictional, so you can hunt down the most terrifying monsters in the knowledge you will, in fact, stay alive in the real world. For the sake of good gameplay, though, let’s find out how to defeat the worst Content Warning monsters.

As you embark on hunting down each of the Content Warning monsters, you might want as much help as possible. Luckily, the multiplayer game lets you team up with three other people in your bid for influencer fame. If that’s still not enough, there are Content Warning mods available to let you bring even more friends in to help, as well as tons of other fun and helpful changes to the viral game.

The player looks up at Weeeping, one of the Content Warning monsters, a metal iron maiden with a face and arms.

All Content Warning monsters list

Every Content Warning monster that we know about so far:

  • Barnacle Ball
  • Big Slap
  • Bombs
  • Dog
  • The Ear
  • Eye Guy
  • Flicker
  • Jello
  • Knifo
  • Larva
  • Mouth
  • Phantom Thief
  • Slurper
  • Snatcho
  • Spider
  • Weeping
  • The Whisk
  • Zombie

Barnacle Ball

Quite literally a ball of barnacles on legs, this Content Warning critter is a danger no matter where you are. Get too close and it can hit you with a powerful melee attack. If you keep your distance, it has a spit attack which stuns the player. Finally, it also has a vortex which drags all nearby SpookTubers towards it, ready for a melee strike. So, what we’re saying is, there’s no real way to avoid this one. Stay behind cover and hope it doesn’t see you.

Big Slap

Big Slap might have the funniest name of the Content Warning monsters, but it has the potential to take you out in an instant. Use its size to your advantage to spot it from a distance and stay far away from it. Big Slap can run towards you before slapping the life out of you in a single swipe, so don’t even try to get close to this monster.

A Content Warning monster with long arms and bombs attached to its body faces up against the player.


Bombs is a humanoid creature that looks akin to a Christmas tree decorated with baubles, except these baubles are small round bombs hanging from its limbs. Bombs has two methods of attack: it can jump towards you to explode itself and your party, and it can throw bombs from a distance. Simply flee to evade it, as Bombs is fairly slow.

Dog, a small robot, and one of the Content Warning monsters, peeks around a corner, the red laser shining from the turret atop its body.


If you were hoping Dog would be an adorable pupper, we’ve got bad news for you. There’s no secret in the similarities between Content Warning and Lethal Company, so perhaps the best way to describe Dog is that it’s just like the turrets in Lethal Company, except Dog can move around.

That said, Dog is still pretty cute — a four-legged robot turret with a little smiley face, reminiscent of your own in-game appearance. Don’t be fooled by this cutey, though, its turret of course showers you with bullets. There’s little you can do to escape it other than take cover somewhere.

The Ear

This grotesque creature is a blob with arms, legs, and a giant ear for a head, as well as multiple ears covering its body. The Ear looks pretty horrific, but its design is also its weakness. Screaming or shouting into your microphone when you see the ear monster causes it to cover some of its ears and retreat. Be careful, however, as talking quietly actually draws The Ear towards you.

Eye Guy

Eye Guy is the polar opposite of The Ear, in more ways than one. As you would expect, this creature is a giant eye on legs, and of course its weakness is your flashlight. However, unlike The Ear, you don’t want to use a flashlight against Eye Guy. On the contrary, keep the area dark, don’t blind the poor guy, and it won’t try and harm you at all. Eye Guy will only attack if you anger it with light, so keep those flashlights away.

A red glow appears on the otherwise black-and-white Content Warning screen, showing that Content Warning monster Flicker is nearby.


Flicker is possibly the most interesting of the Content Warning monsters, so you need to be aware of its abilities. If you look directly at Flicker, you will instantly die — a Basilisk sort of deal. So, how do you know if one’s nearby if you can’t look at it? A red flicker will appear on-screen whenever a Flicker is nearby. If you happen to see a red flash, keep your head down.


Jello is a blobby, seemingly boneless creature, but it doesn’t appear to actually be a blob. Instead, Jello has legs which it wraps around you if it comes into contact with you. Rather than dealing damage, Jello will lead you to other monsters. We’ve not had a chance to test if teammates can fend this slimy guy off you, but we’ll let you know if we find out whether you can be saved.

The player holds their camera up to film Knifo, one of the Content Warning monsters, rapidly approaching, a knife in hand.


Knifo is one of the fastest enemies in Content Warning, and that makes it one of the hardest to escape from. What looks like a small child in a ghost costume (i.e a sheet over its head), Knifo carries a large knife and will stab you if you get too close. Again, it’s also fast, so the only way to avoid taking damage is by running and strafing. After a short period of time, Knifo eventually disappears on its own, so just try to stay alive.


Larva, a large, grotesque, bug-like creature, and one of the Content Warning monsters, approaches the player.


The Larva is a large, slow monster that can easily be run past. This creepy creature also makes a deep growling sound when you’re nearby, so even if you don’t see it, you should know when one’s around. If it gets too close and gets hold of you, it will lift you above its head and throw you — either to the ground or towards a nearby teammate, dealing considerable damage to both of you. However, even if this happens, it won’t instantly kill you, so spam the run button to get away immediately. If you stay on the floor or nearby too long, the Larva will pick you up and hurl you again, and you won’t live long enough to try to get away this time.


We love this little guy. Don’t be afraid when you see it, even if it screams loudly at you — it’s mostly harmless. Mouth’s scream deafens you for the rest of the game, so you can’t hear your teammates on comms. We have heard reports that Mouth can do damage when you’re alone, so maybe be slightly wary, but it is also easily spooked, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Phantom Thief

The Phantom Thief is one of the easiest Content Warning monsters to get away from, and isn’t actually harmful… for the most part. Even if the thief gets close to you, it generally won’t do you any harm, it will take any item you have on you. However, if you aren’t holding anything, it can kill you in anger. If you have a flashlight on you, the best course of action is to shine it directly at the Phantom Thief before it can get close enough to take something valuable.


This starfish-shaped foe, which some players are also calling Barnacle or Ceiling Star, is hard to avoid, since it attaches itself to the ceiling. Unless you’re looking above you as you run through the factory’s corridors, you could find yourself being swept up by one. Slurper attaches itself to a suit that runs beneath it, sucking it up to the ceiling with it and killing them almost immediately. Our best advice is to keep your eye out for them.


Snatcho is a tall, gangly fella, and its long arms and claw-like hands are perfect for, well, snatching you up. Thankfully, Snatcho has a weakness: light. Shine a flashlight or your camera light at them to make them run away.

A spider monster with a large, hole-filled face, approaches the player in Content Warning.


If you’re an arachnophobe, Content Warning might not be the game for you. This truly horrifying spider is fast and can appear at a moment’s notice, biting you swiftly and repeatedly. From our experience, it’s not easy to get away from once it attacks, either, though we’re sure you can run away if you can get out of its bite.

If you see spider webs in corridors or across doors, that is, of course, your best sign that a spider is nearby and to get the hell out of dodge. However, they can still appear at any time — we had one surprise us from behind when we were already facing off against a zombie.

Weeping, an iron maiden with a face atop its cage, one of the Content Warning monsters.


Weeping is an Iron Maiden with a face and arms, and is that classic horror monster that only moves when you turn your back. Your best defense against the Weeping is to look directly at it until you can get away. If it does catch up to you, the Weeping traps you inside. The only way to escape it is if a teammate takes a tablet from the Weeping and solves the captcha puzzle on it. If there’s no one else nearby when you’re taken, that’s that.

A whisk on legs, one of the Content Warning mosnters, winds up his attack before lunging at the player.

The Whisk

You’ll know The Whisk when you see it as it literally looks like a kitchen whisk. And, as you can imagine, this isn’t the nicest enemy to come up against when they get their whisk whirring. The Whisk, or Whisk Head, spins its head and charges towards the player. A successful hit deals massive amounts of damage, so you need to dodge away from the enemy. If you do, The Whisk is temporarily stunned, and after a few failed hits, it will even run away. That said, do your best to avoid coming across The Whisk in corridors or other small areas, and get into as open a space as possible when you see one.

One of the Content Warning monsters, a snail-zombie lumbers towards the player.


We’re not sure why Zombie is called Zombie when it actually looks more than a bipedal snail. The worst thing about this slow monster is that they spawn in groups, so can easily take down a solo player or even two teammates. Just keep your distance from them, and they’ll eventually leave.

From the initial interactions we’ve had with these terrifying Content Warning monsters, surely just a quick shot of one should be enough to rake in the SpookTube views. If you’re still struggling to get enough viewers to go viral, though, check out our guide on getting more Content Warning views. If you need a break from the scares instead, then there are loads of other incredible indie games to try out right now.