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Control will be the first Remedy game with side-quests

control game

Remedy is known for its linear action games, like Max Payne and Alan Wake, but in its new game, the supernatural shooter Control, the team is experimenting with sidequests for the first time.

We already know that the main storyline of Control will focus on protagonist Jesse Fadden, who while on a quest to discover the truth about some pretty traumatic events in her past, ends up becoming the director of the Federal Bureau of Control.  

And while she’s busy tackling the Hiss – an otherworldly force – Jesse will stumble across some of the world’s inhabitants and be able to choose whether or not to help them. 

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In the playthrough, which was spearheaded by game designers, Thomas Puha and Sergey Mohov, we were shown Jesse fighting against former Bureau agents using telekinesis and the Service Weapon  – a special weapon which only the director can use and can be upgraded. As Sergey explored the Oldest House though, we were shown areas that lead down different paths.

“You can see there are corridors leading off from here,” Puha says. “They don’t lead to the current mission we’re on. They lead deeper into The Oldest House. When creating an action-adventure game, we want players to be able to explore and find secrets and mysteries.”

We still don’t know Control’s release date but we know that while exploring the house, Jesse can find strange artefacts, which, if she collects, will lead to her acquiring new abilities such as levitation. It’s these abilities that will allow players to find new paths – and new stories.

“Jesse encounters all sorts of interesting characters throughout the Bureau and the Oldest House,” Puha says. “Some of them will be friendly, some of them not so friendly. This guy’s an example of a side mission in the game. We could help him out, but unfortunately, we haven’t got time for that right now.”

Based on the gameplay we were shown it looks as if Control will provide an immersive world with not only a well-polished storyline, but added side-quests to keep things fresh and new as you explore the world around.