The first Core Keeper event is a Golden Egg hunt

The first-ever in-game Core Keeper event is a season Easter egg hunt - or, more specifically, about making and then finding the secret of a Golden Egg

Find this Golden Egg in the first Core Keeper event

A new in-game Core Keeper event has kicked off, the first since the building game launched to much acclaim last month – and it’s a seasonal Easter egg hunt. More specifically, it’s about the quest to build a Golden Egg in the sandbox game, then display it and discover the mysterious secret behind it.

Indie game Core Keeper has proven a hit on Steam, reaching half a million players in just a couple of weeks, and the team at Pugstorm is currently working on the first major Core Keeper content update. However, the developer has a different surprise for players today – the first in-game event, which is available now.

With the Easter weekend coming up, it’s a seasonal event too – “The Great Egg Hunt” as Pugstorm is calling it. This runs from now until April 19 and requires players to hunt down hidden eggs around the world, which can then be used to craft a large Golden Egg that can be permanently displayed within their base.

However, Pugstorm suggests that this isn’t the end of the hunt, as the Golden Egg has an “alternative use” that players have to discover in order to “unlock extra hidden bonuses”. “This is just one of many new ideas we’ve had since the start of our journey earlier this year,” says Pugstorm CEO Sven Thole in a press release, “and we hope everyone enjoys the hunt to craft the Golden Egg”.

If you need help finding scarlet ore in Core Keeper, head to the link there.

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