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Core Keeper update Desert of Beginnings adds biomes, karts, and bugs

Core Keeper update Desert of Beginnings release date set for the Terraria like's new kart races, biomes, and bug hunting in the Steam multiplayer sandbox game

Core Keeper update Desert of Beginnings - a character holds onto the handlebars of a go-kart as it speeds through the desert, sand tornadoes rolling in the background

New Core Keeper update Desert of Beginnings is set to arrive for the sandbox game in November, with developer Pugstorm touting it as the Steam Early Access game’s “biggest update yet.” This free update for the Terraria-like crafting game introduces new biomes packed with fresh foes, weapons, music and more, along with several new features including kart racing and bug hunting, to the multiplayer game.

Core Keeper update The Desert of Beginnings releases on November 10. It’s the second major content update for the game since its release on Steam Early Access, and adds a new biome – the eponymous Desert of Beginnings. Also included is a new sub-biome, the Molten Quarry. Of course, these new areas mean plenty of new foes and several dangerous bosses to tackle, but they also hold the promise of new weapons, tools, resources, and base building options.

A new Core Keeper material, Galaxite ore, can be used to build a special Galaxite workbench, from which players will be able to craft three different variations of go-kart. This new vehicle type is perfect for exploring the desert sands, and of course it wouldn’t be complete without the option to race against your friends in wheel-to-wheel action.

Also introduced in the update is bug hunting – a new Bug Net item allows players to catch various critters to keep and display, with twelve additional ones included as part of the new biomes. There are also several additional quality of life improvements coming alongside the release – Steam Achievements, the ability to fish from boats and minecarts, clickable recipes for easier cooking, and the option to destroy, pick up, and place a wider selection of larger world objects.

Pugstorm COO Sven Thole says, “The Desert of Beginnings is by far our biggest update for Core Keeper yet and the one we are most excited for players to discover.” He adds that “WE have been listening very closely to what players enjoy the most about the game, along with what else they would like to see included, and believe we have come a long way to delivering on that with this update.” He also highlights the opportunities presented by the new go-karts feature, saying he “cannot wait to see how the community reacts to it.”

You can watch the Desert of Beginnings reveal trailer below:

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