Corsair are looking to start selling gaming monitors

Corsair gaming monitors

A Corsair job listing chasing up a product manager for their monitors has appeared online, the only thing is there aren’t any actual monitors for them to manage. Yet. If Corsair need someone to manage the product marketing of their display line they’re going to have to start making them…

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There are very few parts of your gaming setup that Corsair couldn’t have their badges slapped on – right now we’re only talking about your GPU, CPU, and motherboard. Corsair make everything else, from their origins in the memory space, to their PSUs, awesome chassis, cooling, peripherals, chairs, and now it seems, gaming monitors.

Obviously as the job role hasn’t been filled yet, so there are no actual details at all about their prospective monitors. Indeed, one of the key responsibilities of the job is to ‘define product roadmap, business case, and manage product requirements’ so it looks like they’ll have a key part in figuring out those details.

I hope they get someone good.

Just some Corsair goodies...

Given the success Corsair have had in the other spaces they’ve moved into they probably will, and with their focus on high-end gaming products you can bet these new monitors aren’t going to be some budget TN panels.

We’re expecting lots of abbreviations, such as HDR, VA, GtG, and cd/m2, and more RGB LEDs than you can throw a mag-lev fan at.

Hopefully we’ll hear more about this new direction for Corsair soon.