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Corsair RAM gets an anime facelift that’s ideal for a Sakura PC build

In partnership with Yeston, Corsair has launched a special edition of its Vengeance DDR5 memory, complete with a cherry blossom makeover.

A picture of Corsair Vengeance RAM sporting a Sakura aesthetic

The prevalence of PC components featuring anime-inspired and Sakura aesthetics continues to grow, with Corsair serving as the latest manufacturer to jump on the trend. Now, sporting a pretty pastel pink-and-white paint job, its new Vengeance RAM feels somewhat ironically titled.

For decades now, Corsair has been rightly lauded for making some of the best gaming RAM money can buy. While the company’s Vengeance line is no stranger to RGB LEDs and alternative colorways, a collaboration with Yeston marks the first time the series has rocked the Sakura look.

Pictures of the RAM were shared on the Corsair China Weibo social channel (via Videocardz), showcasing white memory sticks adorned with Sakura flowers and anime-inspired characters wearing bridal gowns. Each side is stylized slightly differently, with one featuring chibi stylings while the other has a style more typical of most Japanese animation.

Art aside, these modules appear to be otherwise stock Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM sticks, compatible with both AMD’s Zen 4 CPUs and Intel’s 12th-14th gen platforms. Sadl,y this release appears limited to the Chinese market for now, but hopefully this launch can inspire more ambitious RAM designs in the future across all regions.

After all, we’re already seeing Sakura graphics cards appear in markets outside of China that are practically begging for complementary components. Give this Sakura blossom gaming PC if you need any more convincing.

In the meantime, be sure to buy your next memory kit before RAM prices soar, potentially by as much as 25%. Once you have your sticks in hand, check out our guide on how to build a gaming PC if you’ve never installed your own memory before.