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Hide the cables in your white PC build with Corsair’s clever new PSUs

The Corsair RMx Shift series of power supplies now come in white, with all the modular connectors on the side rather than the front.

It’s not often you can point to game changing innovation when it comes to power supplies, but Corsair turned PSU design on its head with a very simple change to its RMx Shift lineup of PSUs, which moved all the modular power sockets to the side of the power supply. What’s more, you can now buy a Corsair RMx Shift power supply in white.

Corsair has a great name for producing quality power supplies, with three of its units listed on our best gaming PSU guide. In fact, the RMx Shift is listed as our favorite option for easy installation, thanks to those side-mounted connectors.

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Rather than plugging all your modular cables into the front of your power supply and then threading them through to the back, resulting in a big rat’s nest of wires lurking at the bottom of your case, Corsair’s Shift PSUs enable you to route the cables straight round the back. The plugs then just need to be threaded through the appropriate cable routing holes in your case to reach your components.

The lineup is available in four different capacities, with 750W, 850W, 1,000W, and 1,200W versions, all of which have a 140mm cooling fan and sport an 80 Plus Gold efficiency badge. A full complement of flat cables is included in the box as well, including a 12VHPWR cable for the latest high-end Nvidia GPUs, such as the RTX 4090.

We’re seeing more and more components coming in white as well as black at the moment, including models of the best PC cases, as well as white graphics cards, white AIO coolers, and even white motherboards as well.

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