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Cool down with this Cougar NxSys Aero gaming chair

The Cougar NxSys Aero gaming chair has a a unique cooling system in the form of an integrated 200mm fan, which helps circulate air for a chilled experience.

An image of two NxSys Aero gaming chairs, by Cougar, sat next to each other.

Gaming chairs are arguably one of the most integral pieces of any gaming setup, but they’re often overlooked. Yet, when it comes to playing the latest PC games for hours on end, having the upmost comfort is vital, and Cougar is out to make your PC gaming experience even cooler, with the NxSys Aero gaming chair.

When it comes to some of the best gaming chairs, we’ve seen it all, from Secretlab releasing incredibly stylish representations of our favorite PC games, to ones plastered in RGB lighting. Whatever the PC gaming setup, there’s a gaming chair out there that would look the part, and the Cougar NxSys Aero is an upcoming chair that could feel the part too.

The NxSys Aero has an integrated 200MM RGB fan, which helps circulate cool air within the gaming chair, to help cool you down during vigorous heat-inducing gaming sessions. With the help of a hollow space between the elastomeric mesh of the chair, the NxSys Aero also utilizes cooling air to form a unique form of back support, creating air-producing cushioning for your back.

While the cooling system is the main draw to the NxSys Aero, no PC hardware is complete without the inclusion of RGB lighting, and this upcoming gaming chair is no different. Equipped with RGBs within the fan itself, you can adjust the speed and lighting effects of the RGB fan to suit any preference. The RGB fan is powered by a discreetly hidden power bank within the chair itself, although where the fan is situated, any cool effects of the RGBs are likely to be hidden from view most of the time too.

To make sure it’s not all style and no substance, according to Cougar, the NxSys Aero gaming chair has a physiotherapy-grade lumbar pillow, and a magnetically attached head cushion which can be added for additional comfort. The chair is also fitted with premium PVC leather, and its high-density foam seat is scalloped to allow for wider support and robust cushioning. The chair is also fully adjustable, letting you change the height position, along with a 150º point of alignment, so you can sit as you see fit.

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While a Cougar gaming chair hasn’t yet made its way onto our best gaming chair guide, perhaps the NxSys Aero will blow us away come its launch later this month. You’ll be able to pick up the NxSys Aero gaming chair during mid-October, from $399.99/ €449. The NxSys will be available in two different colorways, Orange Black, and Black, and will be available on Amazon and Newegg, with a full list of other expected retailers available on Cougar’s website.

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