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Counter-Strike 2 can ban you for moving your mouse too fast

Counter-Strike 2 and VAC Live can ban you if you move around too fast in the new Valve shooter, with various CS2 players able to reproduce the issue.

A Counter-Strike 2 soldier in tactical gear in front of an explosion in Valve's FPS game.

Counter-Strike 2 and the newly instituted VAC Live system can ban you if you adjust your mouse settings in the Valve shooter and move around too quickly during the warm-up period. Various CS2 players have successfully reproduced the bug, which results from pushing your mouse DPI (dots per inch) beyond a certain threshold and then spinning on the spot during Counter-Strike 2 casual matches. VAC Live, which is designed to detect and ban Counter-Strike 2 cheaters, seemingly interprets this as bot-like behavior and issues a ban.

Between the new CS2 ranks and reworked CS2 skins, there’s a lot of new material in Counter-Strike 2. The long-anticipated sequel to CSGO also includes VAC Live, a new version of Valve Anti-Cheat designed to combat cheating in the FPS game. In certain circumstances, however, VAC Live seems to interpret certain in-game behavior as cheating and issues a ban, even if cheats are not being used.

YouTuber ‘Somethingsee’ demonstrates that by increasing their mouse’s above 10,000 – essentially making their mouse incredibly sensitive – and then spinning around frantically during the warm-up period of Counter-Strike 2 casual matches, they are eventually banned by VAC Live. Another YouTuber, ‘TabbynDump’ successfully reproduces the ban. A third player, who uses the X handle ‘JigglyPuff,’ is also able to reproduce the ban, and describes it as “probably the most serious bug in CS2.”

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Potentially, VAC Live interprets these behaviors as similar to a spin botting – a form of cheating in Counter-Strike 2 whereby players use pre-written macros and commands to make their character shoot chaotically into the ground until they are approached by an opponent, at which point they snap up and instantly kill their opponent with a headshot. But if you like using a very high DPI and thrashing around during warm up, you should perhaps be careful.

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