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After seven months, Counter-Strike 2 finally gets a vital new feature

It’s been up and down for Valve’s follow-up to CSGO, but seven months later, Counter-Strike 2 finally has one of the most crucial features.

Counter-Strike 2 patch notes: A soldier with a shotgun in Valve FPS game Counter-Strike

You’re on de_dust, crouched in precarious cover with the rest of your squad. It’s that long, killzone corridor between the central hall and bomb site A. You want to peek and take a few shots, but to get a clear line of sight, you need to leave the safety of the concrete corner wall completely. If only you could just switch your AK to the opposite shoulder, you could pop out and let a few rounds loose without revealing yourself entirely. Seven months since Valve launched the follow-up to iconic FPS CSGO, Counter-Strike 2 has finally added one very crucial feature.

As per the latest Counter-Strike 2 update, released by Valve on Thursday April 25, you can now, finally, swap your weapons between both hands. While this might seem like a minor optimization for left-handed players, the the option to switch shoulders in CS2 should make the FPS game feel considerably more intuitive. It’s also vital for some of the tighter, close-quarters maps like Inferno and Office, where the ability to stick your gun round a corner, without stepping entirely from cover, can mark the difference between life and death.

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The Counter-Strike 2 buy menu has also been upgraded so you can now see, in the top right, the minimum amount of cash you will have available at the start of the next round. That lets you make smarter choices when it comes to spending on guns, throwables, and equipment, and helps ensure you won’t be shorthanded if the next game is going to be especially clutch. As per the new Counter-Strike 2 patch notes, the HUD has also been updated, so you can now see a line-up reticle whenever you pull the pin on a grenade.

To use the new Counter-Strike 2 hand switching setting, just go to the options menu and choose a preferred default between left or right. After that, you can swap on the go using the H key, if you’re using the default bindings.

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