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Counter-Strike 2 is dragging down CSGO’s reputation

Recent Counter-Strike 2 Steam reviews are officially lower overall than those for CSGO, as the new iteration of Valve’s landmark shooter divides players.

Counter-Strike 2 Steam reviews: A soldier in tactical gear fires an SMG in Valve FPS game Counter-Strike

The latest Counter-Strike 2 Steam reviews have reduced the Valve shooter’s official rating, as the new iteration of the iconic multiplayer FPS draws criticism from players as compared to CSGO. Following the full launch of CS2, a variety of players cite issues regarding missing match modes – including Gun Game – and frustration that Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been completely unavailable. The amount of negative reviews directed towards CS, since the launch of Counter-Strike 2, has increased considerably, though the shooter still retains a positive rating.

Now that CS2 is finally here in full, there are some big changes, including Counter-Strike 2 ranks and Counter-Strike 2 skins. However, the FPS game has also seen a fluctuation in terms of its Steam rating, as players and respondents take to the Valve storefront to share concerns regarding Counter-Strike 2 and how it compares to CSGO. As of Wednesday, September 27, when Counter-Strike 2 was released, the ‘recent reviews’ section of the CSGO Steam page provided the game a ‘very positive’ rating. ‘Very positive’ is obtained when 80% and 94% of recent reviews offer a favorable response.

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As of today, Monday, October 2, the ‘recent reviews’ section assigns Counter-Strike 2 – which has replaced CSGO on Steam, and inherited all of its previous reviews since they share the same page – a ‘mostly positive’ rating. This is obtained when between 70% and 79% of recent reviews are favorable – Steam says that, during the last 30 days, 75% of reviews for what was previously CSGO and is now CS2 have been positive.

Since the launch of Counter-Strike 2, there has been a sharp increase in the number of negative reviews. On Tuesday, September 26, when the Steam page was still assigned to CSGO, and before CS2’s launch, 228 reviews were negative. On Wednesday, September 27, this jumped to 1,953 negative reviews, while Thursday, September 28 saw 9,991 negative reviews.

Counter-Strike 2 Steam reviews: Steam reviews for Valve FPS Counter-Strike 2

“Don’t get me wrong. I approve of CS2, but removing CSGO entirely just makes me mad,” one recent review says. “I only played for Gun Game and now that game mode is gone,” another says. “Why did they [Valve] release an incomplete game whilst completely removing access to the old?” a third reviewer writes.

While Counter-Strike 2 has attracted a large number of players, reaching a peak of 1,471,730 concurrent users on Thursday, September 28, it is yet to surpass the 1,818,773 record set by CSGO.

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