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Counter-Strike 2 weekly care package explained

If you’re after more CS2 skins, make sure you keep your eye on the Counter-Strike 2 weekly care packages to net yourself some easy drops.

What is the CS2 weekly care package? While securing the bomb site and a few kills for yourself is the main thrust of CS2, we all know that skins are where it’s at. The skin market is still big business, and there’s no better way to show your team that you mean business than with your bright pink anime assault rifle.

What’s the cheapest way of getting new skins in Counter-Strike 2? Sure, you can go into the store and spam crates, but paying for each one can be damaging to morale. Thankfully, there’s a way you can acquire new CS2 skins each week, so long as you play enough, and have CS2 Prime status. Here’s how the CS2 weekly care packages work and how you can snag yourself some free cosmetics.

What is the CS2 weekly care package?

The CS2 weekly care package is a reward for leveling up – after the match in which you level up, you’re presented with four options, and are able to choose two of these. The options range from crates, and skins, to graffiti sprays.

The weekly care package takes over from the previous system, which rewarded players with a random item. Because you’re able to choose your rewards, it pays (literally) to choose the most valuable of cosmetics, which is nearly always the crates. There are some decent-looking common skins out there, so you might be lucky enough to score one for a weapon you like.

Well, best get out there and start grinding for that CS2 weekly care package, not that you needed another reason to play, mind. If you’re looking to increase your CS2 rank, you best tighten up your game with the CS2 binds, and compile your game plan with every CS2 map – don’t get lost when there’s so much on the line.