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CS:GO ranks don’t matter in this new randomised game mode

CS:GO ranks are irrelevant now, thanks to a new game mode that has just launched on Steam for Valve’s multiplayer shooter, and takes luck more than skill

CS:GO ranks don’t matter in this new randomised game mode: a CS:GO operator fires a shotgun at an opponent

CS:GO ranks are what we’re all fighting towards, signifying hard work, skill, and achievement, but a new, randomised game mode for Valve’s multiplayer shooter, just released on Steam, seems to undo all of that by challenging not so much your speed and aim as your ability to get lucky.

Available for free, Random Head Hitbox is a little more involved than it may initially sound. Basically, it changes two fundamental CS:GO rules. Firstly, you can only score damage by hitting players in the head – sounds fair enough. But each round, the position of the head hitbox on everyone’s character model moves. Sometimes the “head” might be on the actual head. Other times, it might be on the shin, or the neck, or heaven forbid, the groin, and unless you land a shot in this random, hidden hit detector, your foe will continue shooting at you unscathed.

It’s a fantastic idea. A decade since launch, and after a combined 50,000 years of playtime (yes, you read that right), if CS:GO wants to remain one of the best FPS games on PC, especially given the competition of more vibrant rivals like Fortnite and Overwatch, it needs these kinds of fresh and original game modes. Of course, you can still play the conventional game, something that’s made much easier with our CS:GO ranks guide, but if you want a change of pace, randomising the hitbox so you can only kill someone by shooting them, as Forrest Gump might say, in the butt-ocks is exactly what Valve’s multiplayer FPS demands.

You can download Random Head Hitbox from Steam. Alternatively, you might want to switch things up with one of our other best multiplayer games. Or you could try something else entirely, and see if you can score some solid headshots in one of the best battle royale games, including Fortnite, Warzone, and PUBG.