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CSGO player scores one of the weirdest kills of all time

CSGO, the iconic Valve FPS game, keeps gunning despite the reveal of Counter-Strike 2, with one Global Offensive hero scoring perhaps the strangest kill ever.

CSGO player scores one of the weirdest kills of all time: A soldier in tactical gear fires a sub-machine gun in FPS game CSGO

Don’t ever forget CSGO. We’re all excited for Counter-Strike 2, sure, but with the next iteration of Valve’s FPS game set to arrive in the summer, there’s still plenty of time for spectacle and strangeness in Global Offensive. The CS2 limited test has a lot of folks experimenting with the new Counter-Strike smoke grenades, but one CSGO player has taken the normally harmless gadget to its natural, lethal conclusion, scoring in the process one of the strangest CS kills of all time.

It all starts simply enough. The terrorist team spawns into Mirage. Our protagonist flips from their pistol to a smoke grenade. They chuck it, speculatively, over the rooftops to shield the advance of the rest of the team. Normal stuff.

In the interim, however, a kind of butterfly effect, chaos theory series of inexplicable events take place. One of the counter-terrorists is walloped by the AWP, dropping them to minimal health. Rather than fall back, they pile on the pressure by standing in one of the first-floor windows, firing down at the terrorist side. In all likelihood, they know they’re about to die – they just didn’t expect it to be like this.

The ambitious little smoke grenade comes bouncing through the window, ricochets off the ceiling and doinks the counter-terrorist right on the top of their head. Might not seem like a big deal, but being hit by a smoke grenade in CSGO removes precisely one HP. Practically dead from the AWP blast, the counter-terrorist drops limply to the floor, killed by a tap on the noggin from a bouncy little smoke bomb. You can see the whole thing, via YouTuber ‘ohnePixel,’ below:

YouTube Thumbnail

It’s no way to go, you might think – a CSGO player bold enough to stay in the fight after getting AWPed deserves a more heroic death. But look at it this way: of all the millions of players shot down in CSGO, this one will be forever remembered, the counter-terrorist who got conked on the head with a smoke bomb.

Check out all the changes being made to Counter-Strike 2 smokes, which hopefully will retain their occasional lethality. We’re also interested in how Counter-Strike 2 is better with follow recoil, and of course, the details on the Counter-Strike 2 release date, hopefully be arriving sooner rather than later.