CS:GO smokes: the best spots on Counter-Strike’s most popular maps

CS:GO survival mode

What are the best CS:GO smokes? Mirage, Cache and Dust II are undoubtedly the most popular maps in CS:GO, so it makes sense to have a good basic knowledge of the best CSGO smokes to maximise your chances of winning the round. 

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Whether you’re holding a tight angle on the Counter-Terrorist side, or attempting to push onto a bombsite on the Terrorist side, this guide will help you to elevate your game, and make things just that little bit more difficult for your opponents. Here are the best CS:GO smokes:

CS:GO smokes – Mirage

(T) Bombsite A: Stairs

From T Start, walk towards Palace Alley. Stop when you reach the steps that lead up to the Palace Alley platform. Walk to the edge of the first step and ensure that your crosshair is resting in the middle of the pale line that runs down the right edge of the step. Jump up onto the first step and turn to the right so that you’re facing the wooden structure on the platform. Line up your crosshair with the lip that runs along the edge of the building and the top of the rightmost horizontal beam on the wooden structure. Throwing the smoke from here will block off the stairs on Bombsite A, making it a lot easier to push onto the Bombsite from Palace Tunnel and Palace Interior.

(CT) Bombsite B: Apartments

Head to Bombsite B and stop right next to the green wheelie bin outside the entrance to Shop. Push right up against the bin and turn to face the green tarpaulin that hangs over the bombsite. Focus on the closest corner of the green tarpaulin and look for a small horizontal crease on the left side, and a small, dark piece of wood poking out from the tarpaulin on the corner. Position your crosshair so that it rests on the shadow between the horizontal crease and the piece of wood. This CS:GO smoke will land in Apartments to deter the Terrorists from rushing through, onto the bombsite. It is also particularly useful as you will be completely covered when lining up and throwing the smoke, which greatly minimises the risk of you getting caught off-guard by an approaching Terrorist.

CS:GO Smokes – Cache

(T) Bombsite A: Truck

Make your way to Warehouse and take note of the black and yellow line on the floor. You should stick to the right as much as possible while walking through Warehouse. Notice the grey tarpaulin located on the canisters that are stacked just outside the entrance to the building. With your crosshair positioned on the vertical line on the tarpaulin, and slightly above the horizontal line, walk forward (while holding Shift) and throw the smoke as you cross the yellow and black line on the floor. Smoking here will ensure that the left side of the Bombsite is covered, making it difficult for Counter-Terrorists to see the Bombsite from Truck and Highway. With an AWPer usually positioned at Truck, this will make it a lot easier to take Bombsite B quickly, before the Counter-Terrorists have a chance to pick off your teammates.

(CT) Toxic

Go to Heaven and push into the corner of the wall on the right side of the doorway. Turn to face the panels on the left wall, directly opposite where you are standing. Look at the white chipboard panels and focus on the top-left corner of the four panels. Ensure that your crosshair is positioned on the top-left corner and throw the smoke. This CS:GO smoke will land just before the doorway and will completely cover the Terrorist’s entry point to Bombsite B. This should make your opponents hesitant to push through the smoke as you will still be watching the doorway from Heaven and a teammate will likely be lurking around Headshot on the bombsite. If any Terrorists make it across to Checkers you will still have a clear shot on them.

CS:GO smokes – Dust II

(T) Bombsite B

Enter Upper Tunnel and walk around the first pillar on your left so that you’re facing the exposed brickwork. Walk into the pillar and make sure that your crosshair is resting on the middle of the longest brick. Now turn to face the walkway that leads to Bombsite B and look at the speckled parts on the top portion of the wall. Above the right side of the red sign you should be able to make out a cluster of four marks on the wall. Drag your crosshair up and you’ll notice a smaller mark on its own with a larger mark slightly above and to the right of it. Position your crosshair on this mark and throw the smoke. Not only will this CG:SO smoke protect you as you enter the bombsite, but it will also stop any Counter-Terrorists that are hanging around Hole, B Doors and Car from being able to spot you. You’ll only have to focus on the Counter-Terrorist that is lurking at the back of the site, directly opposite the tunnel entrance and can then check the other angles as you move towards the edge of the smoke.

(CT) Short Stairs

From CT Start head to Bombsite A and stand on the edge of the bombsite, facing the two wooden boxes. Position yourself so that you’re standing in front of the corner of the small box, facing Short. Ensure that the right edge of the highest window above the box is aligned with the corner of the box. Notice the two thinner windows on the right wall. Position your crosshair so that it rests on the invisible line between the high window and the box, and the bottom of the first thin window. Run forward and release the smoke just before you reach the small box ahead of you. Smoking off the top of Short Stairs will enable you to watch Short from further back on Bombsite A, meaning that you can duck behind some cover, if necessary. It should also deter the Terrorists from rushing through Catwalk to Extended A.

That’s it for our essential CS:GO smokes guide. Let us know the smokes you find most effective in the comments below.

Written in collaboration withChristian Vaz.