CS:GO gets a new advanced training program to hone players’ skills

Logitech has launched Playmaster beta, a tool designed to help players hone their gaming skills

CSGO ranks: two CS:GO characters with full gear

Like many FPS games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be a pretty challenging game, regardless of whether you’re a total newbie or a CS:GO veteran. But, software and peripherals company Logitech has developed a new way to help players of all experience levels hone their skills in the game. It’s a program called Playmaster, and is “backed by science and built with professional esports organisations” to help CS:GO fans improve.

“Playmaster is designed to capture specific data from gamers – from amateurs to esports pros – to help them understand how to reach their full potential,” a post on Logitech’s site (via The Verge) says. The tool’s beta version is now available for all players to try out to “analyse their play and improve specific skills, such as targeting acquisition, map navigation, and player movement”.

The way the software program works is by getting CS:GO players to complete an initial “baseline skills assessment”, which lasts around 30 minutes. This allows them to identify their own specific strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they fare relative to both the average CS:GO community performance and the multiplayer game’s top pro players.

Once this is done, Playmaster then offers a bespoke curriculum designed to help players hone their skills across gameplay aspects like aiming, detecting opponents, managing recoil, and more. The tool’s “already been shown to directly improve an individual’s in-game performance”, Logitech says.

The tool follows years’ worth of research that draws on input from “top esports professionals and a number of universities” across the world, including foundational research from the University of Limerick’s Lero esports science research lab.

CS:GO is the first title to get Playmaster beta support, and you can jump into the assessment here if you’re keen to give it a go and find out what it can do for yourself.