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This popular CS:GO map brings 1v1 to outer space

A CS:GO fan has created a sleek, futuristic map that takes the fight to a space station

While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Operation Riptide has some neat new maps to dive into, there are always more popping up from the community that look pretty darn impressive, too. One such fan creation is modder Maui’s new 1v1 Spaceship map, which brings the mode to an impressive-looking base out among the stars.

From the images on the mod’s page, the CS:GO map looks like a pretty spacious, well, space for battling it out one-against-one. There are futuristic, sleek-looking hallways lit by beams of floor-level light to tear up and down, and use to sneak up on your foe. Then there are workspaces full of obstacles to navigate and use for cover, as well as what look like grander rooms with multiple levels to tackle, and multiple entryways to dash in and out of.

The story behind the map hinges on the CTs having expanded into space, which is throwing a challenge to the terrorists. They’ve decided to try and take down the space station’s central nuclear generator, switching off security and clearing out the place as they go, as the modder explains.

The map’s proving popular so far, with more than 300 ratings from the CS:GO community on Steam Workshop as of this story, and plenty of positive comments. The modder says they spent around 45 hours to get it to the version it’s in currently, and it shows, with the map looking impressively detailed and polished. Here’s a brief look:

You can find out more by heading to the map’s page, linked above. For details on what the latest CS:GO update – which dropped last week – has ushered into the multiplayer shooter, you know where to click.

Image credits: Maui / Steam Workshop