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Forget Counter-Strike 2 - CSGO has been remade as an online roguelike

As the Counter-Strike 2 release date nears, the classic Valve FPS game still has lots to give, as a new Steam creation turns CSGO into a multiplayer roguelike.

Forget Counter-Strike 2 - CSGO has been remade as an online roguelike: A soldier in glasses and a scarf from FPS game CSGO

The Counter-Strike 2 release date may be on its way, but as a new version of the iconic Valve FPS game draws ever closer, don’t count out CSGO. Reaching fresh heights when it comes to concurrent users on Steam, and setting records for the number of CSGO cases being opened, Global Offensive still has plenty to give – even if you aren’t a typical shooter fan. ‘Rogue,’ a new, custom-made CSGO game mode just uploaded to Steam, turns Counter-Strike into a multiplayer roguelike, and it’s available right now, just in time to pass the months before CS2.

Created by ‘OrelStealth,’ Rogue is a partial roguelike – or roguelite – version of CSGO, complete with all the staples of the genre, and available to play either alone or with two friends. Maps are procedurally generated and each playthrough offers the opportunity to collect different cards, curses, and abilities to use against both AI enemies and extremely tough bosses.

There are eight different characters to choose from, each with special abilities, and more than 100 different cards providing a vast range of buffs and debuffs. You can check it out in the trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

As it stands, Rogue is still unfinished, but OrelStealth says they wanted to release it now, ahead of the chaos that’s likely to follow when CS2 hits Steam later this summer.

A third boss battle may be added in the future, and you might encounter one or two little bugs, but essentially, this is CSGO as you’re unlikely to have played it before – think The Binding of Isaac or Darkest Dungeon, except now you’ve got an AWP. You can get Rogue on Steam.

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