CS:GO gets a Halo crossover – check it out here

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets some Halo stickers


It looks like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is getting something of a Halo crossover, in the form of some stickers. Yes, stickers! CS:GO developer Valve has announced on the game’s Twitter channel that it’s added a capsule of the items inspired by Microsoft’s fellow long-running FPS series ready for purchase in the game.

The collection of stickers introduces three types – paper, holo, and foil – with some iconic emblems, like the Halo Master Chief helmet, a ‘Killjoy’ sticker based on the medal of the same name from Halo 3, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4 multiplayer, and more. Get a look for yourself below.

But that’s not all – the tweet also announces: “As an added bonus, users who purchase and play The Master Chief Collection on Steam will receive an exclusive Halo Music Kit in CS:GO.” If you’re keen to get an idea of this in-game, the CS:GO Twitter account has replied to to the tweet with “a sample,” which you can check out here.

Check out the new Halo-themed stickers for CS:GO below:

Stickers in CS:GO are single-use items you can use in the game to change the appearance of your weapons, though you can ‘scrape’ them to partially or totally remove them, depending on your preference.

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