Now uzi it: Valve add Counter-Strike’s first ever automatic pistol to Global Offensive

The CZ75-Auto requires precision and trigger-unhappiness. Trigger-sadness?

Oh, so auto aim’s not cool in CS, but Valve introduce their own ‘automatic’ weapon and suddenly that’s okay? Typical devs.

The CZ75-Auto is Counter-Strike’s first ever automatic pistol. It’s available in-game now as a stock weapon, and should prove an inexpensive counter to well-armoured opponents.

The fully-automatic CZ will show up in the inventories of both teams upon loading CS:GO today, and can be equipped as a loadout alternative to the P250.

The stats of the two wee guns are identical, bar the CZ’s automatic characteristics and its ammo – which is dramatically reduced for balance.

The new high-damage pistol may be accurate – but it demands trigger discipline and expert timing.

“High risk, and high reward,” note the CS dev team. “Head into your inventory and give the CZ75-Auto a shot!”

Or several, I guess. You’ll find that CSGO Weapon Case 3 now contains finishes for the CZ, as well as some other pistols. There’s a hot pink variant I’ve got my eye on. How about you?

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