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RuneScape meets Stardew Valley in cozy Steam survival game

Cozy Keep cast you as a up-and-coming fantasy store merchant, braving the wilds to keep your shop stocked and your customers happy.

A man with a moustache stands by a merchant stall.

Ever wandered into an equipment shop and wanted to be on the other side of the counter? Cozy Keep, available to demo as part of Steam’s Capitalism and Economy Fest, offers just that opportunity. But if you’re to be a successful fantasy merchant, you’ll still need to get your hands a little dirty.

If you’ve played Runescape, Skyrim or any other online or offline RPG, you’ll understand that without the world’s merchants, you’d be dead before you slayed your first boss. Now, Cozy Keep puts you in the shoes of one of those lifesaving shopkeepers. And, as it’s set to reveal, there’s more to the job than just standing behind a counter.

Cozy Keep makes you responsible for every aspect of your up-and-coming enterprise. From cleaning up the store through to stocking up your shelves, farming and hunting ingredients, it’s all down to you.

It also sees you wandering into the wilderness to gather resources, all in the name of turning a profit. Or if you’re brave enough, you can delve further, taking on monsters and plundering their riches. Think Stardew Valley with a side-order of survival game and an unpleasant death or three.

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It’s not all fun and games, though, there are taxes to be paid, too. Didn’t think of that when you were putting a bucket on Belethor’s head and pocketing his stock, did you? The good news is that another of your jobs is catching would-be thieves. So your store should have less slippage than any of Skyrim or Runescape’s.

Cozy Keep could strike a chord with adventurers and sim enthusiasts alike. Developed by Unbossed Games and published by Tribal Storm, it doesn’t have a release date as yet. But, thanks to Steam’s Capitalism and Economy Fest, you can try Cozy Keep’s demo right now and wishlist it if you see a future in shop keeping.

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