Crucial’s Ballistix Max 5100 kit is now the fastest RAM out there

Crucial goes Ballistix with record-breaking DDR4-6666 RAM

Crucial is once again pushing the boundaries of dynamic memory, with its latest Ballistix Max 5100 RAM already taking names. Particularly, while the limited edition kit boasts an advertised 5100MHz, as per its namesake, it has launched holding the world record for fastest memory on HWBOT, sitting pretty with an overclocked 6666.6MHz.

Tailored specifically for gamers, the Ballistix Max 5100 comes in a dual-channel package with a density of 16GB. CAS latency timings should be set to CL19-26-26-48, and, as with all extreme memory kits, you need to crank the voltage up to 1.5V to gain the frequencies on the box. Sadly, we can’t tell what integrated circuits it uses, as Crucial keeps a lid on its inner workings and tinkerings.

If it wasn’t glaringly obvious that Crucial’s Ballistix Max 5100s have been built from the ground up with enthusiasts in mind, then its eye-watering $899.99 / £824.39 price tag is there to remind you. Collectors might be able to find value in its strictly limited availability at launch, but it is still a lot to ask when other ground-breaking hardware is hitting the shelves soon, like Nvidia’s RTX 30 series graphics cards.

Crucial’s press release indicates that this is just a natural progression for the firm. After all, it was “the first to launch DDR4, the first to put LEDs on gaming DRAM, and now our latest Crucial Ballistix memory is giving gamers a sharper edge by enabling higher frame rates and better system performance,” according to Teresa Kelley, vice president and general manager Micron’s Consumer Products Group (and Crucial’s parent company).

So, if you want to gain that competitive edge in your favourite FPS games and your wallet happens to be burning a hole in your pocket, the Ballistix Max 5100 might just be the way to go. Pre-orders are now available on Amazon, although it is slightly cheaper to buy directly from Crucial.