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Crusader Kings 3 DLC adds Tours and Tournaments, hence the name

New Crusader Kings 3 DLC is on the way this year, as Tours and Tournaments will add exactly that to the grand strategy game, along with a fair bit more too.

Crusader Kings 3 DLC adds Tours and Tournaments, hence the name

New Crusader Kings 3 DLC is on the way from Paradox this year, as announced in the developer’s showcase. The strategy game will get Crusader Kings 3: Tours and Tournaments in spring, which adds exactly what it says it does, alongside better ways to keep an eye on your nations and more general improvements too.

Releasing this year in spring, the Crusader Kings 3: Tours and Tournaments DLC will offer you new actions and adventures for different characters in the grand strategy game, and provide new ways to gain prestige both at home and abroad. You can also expect a big free update for Crusader Kings 3, with a new activity menu and major changes to vassal relations and domain management too.

Naturally, you’ll be hosting and taking part in celebrations and tournaments in Crusader Kings 3, with pilgrimages to religious sites being joined by more secular travel, and grand tours that offer first-hand accounts of the goings on in your lands.

You’ll also be able to increase your prestige in a number of ways, but be warned that not all of them are strictly safe, but the more dangerous the task is – be it hunting game or mock combat – the better the renown.

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New Crusader Kings 3: Tours and Tournaments DLC features

Below are all the features as described by Paradox at its recent showcase. The Crusader kings 3: Tours and Tournaments DLC is releasing in spring 2023.

  • Grand Tournaments: Host a grand demonstration of feats of arms, attracting nearby nobles and wandering knights. Choose the events, set the destination, and use the tournament to improve your social standing or military prowess.
  • Grand Tours: Take a trip through your realm to take stock of your vassals, gifting them with your benevolence or extorting them for higher taxes.
  • Grand Weddings: Save your gold for an elaborate ceremony that centres the real meaning of marriage – politics. Honour your in-laws, cater to your vassals, and demonstrate your power.
  • Travel System: Plan your route to these great activities, choosing safety through civilized lands or risking everything for a more direct route through dark forests or dangerous mountains. Ease your way with a large entourage that marks your importance or travel light so you can get down to business.
  • Knightly Accolades: Honour your best knights with special titles and accolades that will give bonuses to them and the armies they lead.
  • New Armour Designs: New historical armour designs from across the centuries, integrated with the new Tournament and Accolade systems.
  • New Western Clothing: New art for clothing designs will show how fashions changed and evolved in Western Europe from the time of the Carolignians to the closing of the medieval era.

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