Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India unleashes the war elephants on March 25th

Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India launches on March 25th

Crusader Kings II’s next humungous expansion, Rajas of India, has a release date, and it’s pretty damn soon. From March 25th, you’ll be able to start your conquest of the Indian Subcontinent as one of three new religious groups or an existing power. 

I got a hands-off look at it back in January, and was pretty surprised by the scope of the expansion. Take a look below at a highlight reel showcasing some of the major features that Paradox has been showing off in streams. 

The biggest features are undoubtedly the new religions and the huge increase in map size. It’s 50 percent larger now, and even if you don’t pick up the expansion, you’ll still get to experience the new map as it will be added in the next patch.

Since it was announced a couple of months ago, I’ve been planning my next playthrough, and it’s going to be a ridiculous one. Ever since The Old Gods expansion was released last year, I’ve messed around with bizarre Norse kingdoms. After unifying the North (including the British isles) under a Norse banner, I took my king all the way to the holy lands and carved out a viking crusader state. In another game, I made Jewish vikings the terrors of Europe.

So for my next trick, I’ll be sailing down the Atlantic, through the Mediterranean, crossing Egypt and Indian Ocean and eventually settling in India. The goal from there will be to convert from Norse paganism to Hinduism (the most aggressive Indian religion in Rajas of India) and conquer the entire region, maybe even making moves into the Middle East. Some of the folk at Paradox have scoffed at my plans, but I’ll show them.