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This bizarre but beautiful word-based dungeon crawler is out now

Cryptmaster is a monochrome dungeon crawler that mixes together word puzzles with traditional RPG mechanics into a unique adventure.

This bizarre but beautiful word-based dungeon crawler is out now: A monster in a huge helmet faces off against you in Cryptmaster.

When you’re stuck deep underground in a black and white dungeon with no escape, it’d be understandable if spelling wasn’t foremost on your mind. In Cryptmaster you’ll have to sharpen your lexicon as it’s words which will help see you taste fresh air again. Words and smashing a few enemies of course, in fine dungeon crawler tradition.

The first thing that’s utterly wonderful about Cryptmaster is how it looks. Its monochrome world is packed with life which is ironic as it is quite literally set in a crypt. This RPG sees you return from the dead and try to make your way back to the surface, accompanied by a few resurrected party members you meet along the way. Of course, there’s someone out there working against you who takes great pleasure in taunting your lack of progress; the titular Cryptmaster.

As you scale your way through these dastardly halls you’ll encounter a variety of puzzles which will test your word skills. Spell the right word that matches a prompt and you’ll progress, with multiple solutions possible. Even some variations of combat require you to slap some words down in a hangman-style card game that requires full use of your internal dictionary.

A giant eye peers out of a door in the monochromatic Cryptmaster.

While this is a perfectly intriguing RPG with light puzzle mechanics, what really sets a fire in my heart about Cryptmaster is just how delightfully weird it is. Lovecraftian is a term thrown around with too much abandon these days, but this game certainly earns it, with bizarre monsters, giant wobbling eyes peering at you out of doors, and much more to greet you on your journey. Combine that with the charming but deeply threatening Cryptmaster and this is a game that has cult classic written all over it.

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Cryptmaster is out now and as an introductory offer you can save 10% until Thursday May 23, so head over to the Steam page to grab it before time runs out.

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