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Cue ominous music: Microsoft’s E3 conference begins soon

Microsoft E3 Conference

E3 effectively began last week, with all the leaks and the mammoth Fallout 4 announcement that we knew was coming, but today the main show begins. Kicking off the day is the Microsoft conference, which begins in half an hour, at 9:30 PDT/ 17:30 BST.

To watch the Microsoft Conference you’ll have to go to Xbox.com, where the stream will become available when the show starts, or you can watch it on your Windows phone, if you have one, on your Xbox One or on Spike TV in North America.

Edit: The Xbox stream is terrible, so watch it on YouTube instead.

Expect most of the announcements to relate to Xbox One and all of the sequels coming out for it, like more Halos and more Forzas.

On the PC side of things, it will at least be a little more interesting than it has been in previous years, now that Microsoft has partnered with Oculus Rift and is working on it’s own curious AR device, HoloLens. Windows 10 will no doubt be given some attention, as well.