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One of the best roguelikes ever is finally getting our dream crossover

Worshipper-managing roguelike Cult of the Lamb joins forces with physics brawler Party Animals for a match made in the underworld.

Cult of the Lamb Party Animals crossover: A cartoonish lamb from fighting game Party Animals

Cult of the Lamb’s ovine protagonist has made the jump to physics battler Party Animals. There’ll be less in the way of elder god-worshipping murder, but if you’re a fan of either, this could be a dream come true.

What do you do after releasing your management sim and roguelike mash-up? If you’re Massive Monster, developer of Cult of the Lamb, you release the free Sins of the Flesh update which more than quadruples your player count.

And then? You loan your fuzzy but warped protagonist to animal-based brawler Party Animals which is why, right now, you can leap into this game as Cult of the Lamb’s unnamed cult-leader. They’ve even got their oddball little eye-hat.

Okay, as chaotic as it is, Party Animals has less murder and indoctrination than Cult of the Lamb, but who wouldn’t want another fuzzy-wuzzy animal to play as?

The lamb isn’t unlocked from the start, however – you’ll need to spend ‘Cookies’,  Party Animals’ in-game currency to play as him. You can spend real money to acquire cookies, but you can also earn them, so you don’t have to fork out any cash to play as this warped little creature.

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Even better, the lamb in Party Animals is not a limited-time character. According to Party Animals developer Recreate Games, the lamb will be sticking around in the in-game shop, so there’s no FOMO factor there. On top of that, there are some cool Party Animals Twitch drops to be had.

The Party Animals x Cult of the Lamb crossover is available right now. Party Animals is available to buy on Steam and while it’s not free-to-play in the same way that Fall Guys is, it is available through Game Pass. Cult of the Lamb, meanwhile, is 40% off on Steam, to coincide with the free Sins of the Flesh update.

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