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Cyberpunk 2077 modder adds police chases, vehicle combat

CD Projekt Red might have removed vehicle chases from the game, but one modder has just brought it back while adding vehicle combat for good measure

Cyberpunk 2077 player flees during vehicle chase thanks to a mod

As with many games, Cyberpunk 2077 saw plenty of ideas left on the cutting room floor throughout its development. Wall-running was once included in the game, and plenty have speculated that we could have used the metro at one point as a fast travel system. While CD Projekt Red had also previously confirmed that police chases were dropped due to time and technical limitations, a modder has now brought them back.

Scissors’ Vehicle Combat mod allows you to use your weapons while driving about and tinkers with the police system to create frequent car chases with law enforcements and local gangs. What’s the use of creating a stir if no one is going to tootle along to try and stop you?

The modder explains that there was some functionality in the game’s code to allow the use of weapons while driving, though it was disabled. Thanks to the power of modding, though, that functionality has largely been restored in the mod. You can now equip and use ranged and melee weapons or use an inhaler or injector while driving to give yourself a health boost.

The modder has also overhauled police behaviour. While attacking law enforcement or local enemies leads to more of them spawning on foot behind you, the mod adds the possibility of someone calling for help. You’ll get on-screen information that’ll tell you who is making the call and how far they are through it. What’s especially neat is that you can disrupt the call with sonic shocks, EMPs, memory wipes, or by knocking the enemy over.

Much like Grand Theft Auto, you’ve also got a wanted system that’s reflected through stars. If someone manages to call for backup, you’ll get one star. If you get four of them, though, MaxTac will arrive instead of the respective faction of an area.

Check out a preview below:

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You can find instructions on downloading the mod on Nexus Mods. As ever, though, mod with caution.

Quest director Pawel Sasko shed some light over Cyberpunk 2077’s lack of car chases last year. In response to a viewer on a stream, he quipped that not all open-world games have car pursuits – such as Sonic or Elden Ring. More to the point, though, he then confirmed that the team “simply didn’t manage to make it” due to technical limitations at the time.

Cyberpunk 2077 has developed an excellent modding community since the game released. One modder recently added a metro system with 19 explorable stations, while someone else created a mod that lets you customise your cars. Very preem.

In other Cyberpunk 2077 news, though, CD Projekt Red is hosting a livestream tomorrow. Details are thin on the ground over what it could be about, though we know that a “major update for all platforms” is due early this year. Hm.

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Image credit: Scissors / Nexus Mods