This Cyberpunk 2077 mod lets you customise your cars

Vehicle customisation was cut from Cyberpunk 2077, but a modder found a way to add it back

A blue Type-66 Avenger in Cyberpunk 2077.

One of the planned features that was eventually cut from Cyberpunk 2077 was GTA-style vehicle customisation. While that didn’t make it into the official build of the RPG game, a modder has figured out a way to give you a bit of control over your ride – although it stops short of giving you the kind of options you’d find in Forza.

LemurLord’s Vehicle Customizer mod is actually a menu system that lets you pick which vehicle variant you want to drive. Once you have a car in your collection, the mod lets you select from all the different versions that appear on the streets of Night City. Effectively, it’s a skin-picker, and there are quite a few to pick from for each vehicle.

Once you’ve picked a skin for your player-owned vehicle, that skin will be applied to it every time you summon it. It’s a Cyber Engine Tweaks mod, so you’ll need to have that installed first. Once you’ve got everything set up, it’s a simple matter of pressing the ‘~‘ key to open the CET overlay. Then, you summon your active vehicle, press ‘~‘ again, and then find the variant you want to use in the ‘Select a Skin’ drop-down menu.

You can find the Vehicle Customizer mod over on Nexus Mods.