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Cyberpunk 2077 sold 13.7 million copies in 2020, over half on PC

10% of Cyberpunk 2077 PC sales were on GOG

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Cyberpunk 2077 launched in December 2020 and, er, well, you know what happened. The PC version was buggy, the console versions were an absolute mess, and the game sold 13 million copies within its first ten days regardless. Now, CD Projekt Red has confirmed total 2020 sales of Cyberpunk 2077 reached 13.7 million, and the company has confirmed how those sales split across platforms.

Of the 13.7 million units of Cyberpunk 2077 sold through to consumers (unsold retail discs aren't included in this count), 56% of those sales came on PC. 28% of sales were on PlayStation, and 17% on Xbox. Across all three platforms, 73% of sales were digital, so it seems just 27% of you are buying retail these days – though I respect your devotion.

Around 10% of PC sales came through CD Projekt's own GOG platform. Notably, the company boasted that around one-third of early PC pre-orders (back in 2019) had come through GOG, so it seems that players were looking to get Cyberpunk on other platforms once it actually launched.

This was also the most profitable year for The Witcher 3 since 2016, when it was still getting regular expansion releases – that Netflix bump is very real, it seems. Witcher 3 was bigger on consoles than PC at launch, but the story’s shifted since then, and at least 50% of the game’s sales have been on PC in every year since 2017.

13.7 million and one: get your own copy of Cyberpunk 2077

If you really want to impress your friends with your in-depth knowledge of CD Projekt’s financial fortunes, you can see the full report for yourself right here. For the rest of you, there’s Twitter. For all of us, there are plenty of RPG games to check out while awaiting the next round of Cyberpunk patches.