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Dark and Darker update changes class abilities, buffing Wizards

Ironmace recently released its debut RPG Dark and Darker, and has been working since launch on hotfix patches to udate classes, fix bugs, and more.

Dark and Darker had one of the most surprising launches of any RPG game yet this year, as Ironmace seemingly released it out of the blue. Now that the wait for Dark and Darker has come to an end, many players have shifted their focus to the developer and its regular updates. Ironmace has been hard at work to patch the game, now releasing its third hotfix update. The latest hotfix features some fun class changes, especially for spellcasters, and also resolves multiple gameplay issues.

The most important changes detailed within the Dark and Darker patch notes include class ability adjustments, such as those applied to the Wizard. From casting time reductions to other class buffs, the new update is sure to make many players happy. Bards, Clerics, and Warlocks will also see some differences in ability function.

Other general fixes include changes to the game launcher and to curve tables for features like armor rating and interaction speed, meaning that players can expect to take more damage while naked. You’ll also be able to open things more quickly, whether those be chests or doors.

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Dark and Darker patch notes – Hotfix update – Monday, August 14, 2023

You can find the full patch notes here on the official Dark and Darker Discord server courtesy of Ironmace, as well as the developer’s accompanying message, “Thank you for enjoying Dark and Darker.”

Bug fixes and game changes

  • Ironshield’s functionality has been improved and several glitches have been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where Redstone could not be used when launched with the Chafgames launcher.
  • The Armor Rating curve table has been changed. Now takes more damage while naked.
  • The Interaction Speed curve table has been changed. Clerics can now open chests and doors slightly faster.
  • Casting time for all Wizard spells was reduced by 0.25 seconds.
  • Warlock’s Curse of Pain and Power of Sacrifice cast time reduced by 0.25 seconds.
  • Bard’s Shriek of Weakness defense rating reduction rate has been slightly reduced.
  • Bard’s Chorale of Clarity spell recovery per tick was slightly reduced.
  • Hoard, which was accessible without clearing the boss in Inferno, has been removed.

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