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New Dark and Darker coffee is here, this time it comes with an emote

The Dark and Darker coffee is back, and this time you can get some more flavors to help you fight off those late dungeon crawling nights.

Dark and Darker coffee return

The Dark and Darker coffee is back, and you can get some new flavors tangentially related to the Iromance medieval extraction PvP game. While the full game is out and we wait to see if it’ll ever end up coming to Steam, you can power those late nights of dungeon-crawling with your friends.

I didn’t think we’d get a Dark and Darker coffee sequel, yet here we are. While this version of the crossover comes after Dark and Darker has officially released (just not on Steam), it’s still a bizarre crossover, and this time it can even net you an exclusive in-game emote.

The RPG game crossover is currently up for pre-order with shipping expected to start soon in mid-December of this year, and fellow coffee drinkers get a fair bit with their purchase.

The Madrinas Pourin One Out Collector’s Box comes with a tub of Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Churro Cold Brew, a 12 oz bag of Darker Chocolate Cinnamon Whole Bean Coffee, a stainless steel shaker cup, and the aforementioned Pourin One Out emote.

You can find the next Dark and Darker coffee crossover on the Madrinas website right here to pre-order it now, expect it to set you back $54.99.

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