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Dark and Darker update spurs “concerted” DDoS attack

Ironmace Games just dropped its latest Dark and Darker update, but the seemingly minor hotfix patch resulted in a massive DDoS attack.

Dark and Darker update DDoS: a woman wearing a white hooded cloak and armor over it screams, her arm in the air and shield in hand

Dark and Darker is one of this year’s most unexpected yet fun RPG game releases. Ironmace Games dropped its debut game out of nowhere, much to the joy of excited fans. Now that Dark and Darker has been out in the wild for a short while, the developer has steadily released regular updates for the game. From more minor hotfix changes to bigger patch adjustments, a lot of new content has come since the initial launch. Following the latest update, though, an unexpected DDoS attack also occurred.

Ironmace explains the situation on Twitter, saying the team is “experiencing a concerted DDoS attack.” The developer followed up the usual patch notes that accompany updates, explaining that because of the DDoS attack “it seems that our response will require additional tuning.” Servers have been down since Ironmace first applied the recent update, with the dev originally saying that “Deploying servers for DDoS protection takes longer than expected.”

Dark and Darker tweet from Ironmace Games discussing the DDoS attack

A short while later, Ironmace brought the DDoS attack to light on Twitter, explaining that with it, “the maintenance will take a little longer than expected.” The update itself was meant to be a simple bug fix patch, fixing issues with stealth, server performance, Ironshield logic, and other minor problems. Ironshield is Dark and Darker’s anti-cheat system, updated often to resolve well-known exploits.

This isn’t just any DDoS attack, though, as the developer clarifies that the DDoS attack is over “600 Gbps” meaning it’s massive. As of now, servers are still down and Ironmace continues its work to resolve the security breach. While you wait to dive back into the game post-update, check out our in-depth look at all of the Dark and Darker classes. Alternatively, browse through some of our other favorite fantasy games for a change of pace.