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Dark and Darker update brings back controversial High Roller system

Ironmace dropped its debut RPG Dark and Darker recently, working since launch on hotfix patches like this latest update to the High Roller Dungeons and more.

Dark and Darker high roller update: a character wielding a shield and sword swings their sword back behind themselves, preparing to attack

Dark and Darker had one of those releases that simply takes you surprise, especially in comparison to other RPG games launched this year. Ironmace released its debut game out of the blue, much to excited fans’ delight. Since that recent release, the indie studio has been hard at work on hotfix patches to better balance the game and improve its flow. The most recent Dark and Darker update is small but mighty, bringing one of the game’s more controversial systems back into place among other general bug fixes.

If you’ve played Dark and Darker for a little while now, then you know about the High Roller dungeons and the variety of reactions from fans that come with them. Some enjoyed higher entrance fees in the form of High Roller antes, while other players preferred having free access to them. In the latest Dark and Darker patch notes, Ironmace revealed that the ante was going back up to 50 gold. On one hand, this means that the content won’t be swarmed with naked Rogue players. On the other, it does mean it’s locked for some.

The High Roller change isn’t the only thing coming with the hotfix, though, as Ironmace also made changes to attributes and a couple of Wizard spells. The team wrote an accompanying message alongside the patch notes, saying, “Our intended goal is to continue to fine-tune spells until we feel the classes are performing well at various gear levels.” They also addressed some utility-related issues and a few bugs in the update, making for a smoother experience overall.

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Dark and Darker patch notes – Hotfix update – Monday, September 4, 2023

You can find the full patch notes here on the official Dark and Darker Discord server courtesy of Ironmace, as well as the developer’s full accompanying message.

  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Slot status of the spectating target may not be reflected properly.
  • Now, after using a utility item, you will automatically grab the utility item in the next slot.
  • An option has been added to automatically equip utility items in the inventory when pressing the utility hotkey.
  • The character’s base mesh has been changed for better compatibility with more clothing.
  • Added a new loading image.
  • Ironshield’s logic has been updated.
  • The attribute bonus ratio for The Wizard’s Ignite and Magic Missile spells has been adjusted to 50%.
  • For the time being, all Attribute options on all items will only go up to +1.
    • Applies only to new item drops.
  • High Roller ante adjusted to 50 gold.

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