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Dark and Darker quests and seasonal rewards are here in latest wipe

Dark and Darker patch 2 is out now, introducing a quest system and seasonal rewards, as we await news of the hardcore RPG’s return to Steam.

Dark and Darker patch 2 adds quests, seasonal rewards, and more - A fighter in full armor holds up a round shield.

Dark and Darker patch 2 is here. Previously teased by the team at Ironmace, the hardcore RPG now has a new quest system and seasonal rewards in the form of adventure titles. While the PvPvE dungeon crawler, blending the fantasy of games like The Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Dark Souls with the tense extraction gameplay of Escape from Tarkov and Call of Duty Warzone, is still yet to return to Steam, there’s certainly a lot to look forward to in the latest Dark and Darker wipe.

Dark and Darker early access patch 2 is out now, bringing with it the expected seasonal wipe of all character levels, gold, items, and triumph levels. As always, your blue stone shards and cosmetic items from the shop won’t be affected by this. Now, all the best RPG games need a quest system, right? Dark and Darker has delivered, with merchants now offering quests that will reward you with goods or resources, and can improve your merchant affinity, unlocking access to better items, more crafting options, and even special discounts.

Seasonal rewards are here in the form of Dark and Darker adventure titles. By proving yourself in High Roller dungeons, you’ll progress through the ranks, earning yourself rewards for the next season. There will be goodies for each title, with the first announced one being an “exclusive Nightmare skeleton skin” for reaching the rank of Pathfinder.

There’s plenty of big balance tweaks included in the latest Dark and Darker patch notes, too, of course – beginning with two new player attributes. Vigor is the determiner of your character’s maximum health, while Dexterity determines your player speed. There’s also new crafting resources and items to make with them, such as the ability to make new silver weapons with an undead slaying bonus.

Dark and Darker patch 2 - The quests screen, where merchants make requests of the player in return for various rewards.

New items have been introduced that offer these new attributes, along with two new sub-attributes boosting your health recovery and spell recovery. Loot will also now display whether it was ‘supplied’ when setting off, has been ‘looted’ but not extracted, or is ‘handled’ and able to be placed in stash. Elsewhere, there’s a new boss to tackle in the Goblin Caves, a new Wizard spell – Explosion – and some slight rebalancing.

Dark and Darker early access patch 2 is out now. You can find the full patch notes via the game’s official Discord channel (invite link opens in a new window). We’re still waiting on news about a potential Dark and Darker Steam return, with Ironmace maintaining, “We do hope to get back on Steam in the future.”

If you’re planning to jump in for the new wipe, however, be sure to brush up on our best Dark and Darker tips, along with a rundown of the Dark and Darker classes and how each of them works.

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