Dark and Darker update buffs Wizard again ahead of early access wipe

Ironmace recently released its debut RPG Dark and Darker, and the indie developer has been hard at work on its seventh hotfix patch, an update bringing buffs.

Dark and Darker update: a man with a bedroll and gear on his back walks through a dark area with his lantern in hand

Dark and Darker had a surprising launch, taking fans of RPG games by surprise as it recently dropped out of nowhere. Since its release came out of the blue, players have been exploring the ins and outs of the unique experience crafted by Ironmace Games. Like most fantasy games, Dark and Darker is packed to the brim with magic, might, and treasure. If you’re diligently awaiting its new patch, we’re happy to tell you that Ironmace has just posted the game’s seventh hotfix update, full of buffs and fixes ahead of the first planned early access wipe.

If you didn’t know, the first Dark and Darker early access wipe will take place this upcoming Monday, August 28. All of your character levels, items, gold, and skills will reset then, but you’ll thankfully get to keep your character names. Bluestone Shards will also never reset, so you don’t need to worry about losing any. For players wondering about their triumph levels, those will also not reset this time, and will only reset at the start of an official season.

A new early access leaderboard is coming shortly after the wipe, “once things have stabilized.” For now, you can browse through the latest game changes detailed within the new Dark and Darker patch notes. Ranged classes are getting even stronger, with multiple buffs for Wizards’ abilities coming with the hotfix. Other more general balance adjustments include health-related fixes, such as healing potion duration increases.

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Dark and Darker patch notes – Hotfix update – Thursday, August 24, 2023

You can find the full patch notes here on the official Dark and Darker Discord server courtesy of Ironmace, as well as the developer’s accompanying message about the upcoming early access wipe.

Bug fixes and game changes

  • Healing potions have been rebalanced. The time duration of the potions has been increased from 20 seconds to 45 seconds and healing potions no longer stack.
  • Bandages have been rebalanced. All bandages now heal 15 recoverable health on use. Higher-tier bandages take a shorter time to apply.
  • Surgical Kits take longer to apply across all tiers.
  • Hand crossbow damage decreases dramatically the farther the bolt travels before hitting a target.
  • Hand Crossbow movement speed penalty changed from -18 to -20.
  • Throwing knives projectile speed slightly increased.
  • Hunting traps no longer require a skill check when disarming.
  • Attribute Bonus Ratio of all spells has been adjusted to 50%.
  • Attribute Bonus Ratio of all shield magic has been adjusted to 50%.
  • Wizard’s Fireball splash damage increased by 5.
  • Wizard’s Icebolt damage increased by 5.
  • Wizard’s Arcane Shield absorb amount reduced from 35 to 20.
  • Movement speed and action speed reduction due to frostbite have been changed from -15% to -20%.
  • A new Hand Crossbow Mastery perk has been added for the Rogue.
  • High Roller dungeon entrance ante lowered to 50g until wipe.

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