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Dark and Darker gets huge update, finally brings spectator mode back

Ironmace Games reveals its new Dark and Darker update, bringing back the highly missed spectator mode, changing the map rotation, and more.

Dark and Darker update spectator mode: A cloaked man holding a pouch stands with his left arm out in front of him, shining gold and jewels behind him

Dark and Darker is the bearer of frequent updates, and its latest one is no small news. Ironmace Games’ new patch brings back a much-missed feature, the spectator mode, while also changing up drop rates and stats across the board. Hotfix 28 is quite an important one, with adjustments to the recently added map rotation system as well as much more. If you haven’t been in-game for a while, this may be your call to dive back into its dark, fantastical depths.

While Dark and Darker‘s preceding update featured a variety of class changes and innovative systems, the RPG‘s latest hotfix focuses more on tweaking said features and responding to player feedback. For instance, the prior patch controversially removed spectator mode. Ironmace now brings it back to the game, saying, “We realized that the removal of the spectator feature only marginally reduced the instances of pre-teamers while removing highly enjoyable content from the game.”

With the re-implementation of spectator mode, players will be able to spectate and report others for up to a minute after their party is eliminated from a High Roller dungeon. We may see the system change again in the future though, as Ironmace explains it’s still “improving” upon it “while maintaining a clean environment” in-game. So far though, the community seems elated to have spectator mode back.

The dev also says that its “experiment with the new three-layer Ruins has gone better than expected,” prompting Ironmace to replace the Howling Crypts map in the rotation with another instance of the Ruins. The team explains that the “extended duration of the sessions” and the “additional risky decision to delve deeper” both align more with the “adventuring experience we originally envisioned for the game.”

Changes to the new Goblin Cave map accompany this hotfix too, due to “severe performance issues.” To try and counter the frame drops and other buggy occurrences, Ironmace is reducing the monster density. The dev is also blessing us with some increases in drop rates, with more from barrels, mimics, and trolls alike. We’ve compiled the big highlights from Hotfix 28 below if you’d like to know more about these changes and all the other important new content modifications.

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Dark and Darker patch notes – Hotfix 28 – Friday, January 12, 2024

You will find the full patch notes here on the official Dark and Darker Discord server courtesy of Ironmace Games if you want to take a closer look at all of the stat adjustments and map tweaks. You can also read Ironmace Games’ official accompanying statement there, where the studio explains its decision-making process before the hotfix.

Gameplay changes

  • Changed the primary stats for the Brave Hunter Pants from STR+AGI → DEX+AGI.
  • Updated the amount of true physical damage gained for the higher-grade Frost Amulets.
  • Regular Interact Speed and Installation Speed now use AGI+RESC instead of DEX+RESC.
  • Item equip speed is now based on DEX instead of AGI.
  • Updated the innate magic resistance rating curve gained based on your WILL attribute.
  • Magical Interaction Speed and Magical Installation Speed are now based on WILL instead of KNOW.
  • New ‘Demon Armor’ perk added for the Warlock. The perk allows the Warlock to wear plate/chain armor but must sacrifice a large amount of their magical healing.
  • Updated primary stats for the Golden crafted items.
  • Updated the amount of Magic Resistance gained per rarity for Dark Plate Armor, Dark Leather Leggings, Dashing Boots, Ornate Jazerant, and Runestone Gloves.
  • Updated the amount of projectile damage reduction gained per rarity for Fine Cuirass, Heavy Gauntlets, Plate Boots, Plate Pants, and equivalent crafted versions.
  • Bardiche’s attack multiplier for each hitbox has been changed from 100%/60% → 100%/70%.
  • Battle Axe’s attack multiplier for each hitbox has been changed from 100%/60% → 100%/70%.
  • Double Axe’s attack multiplier for each hitbox has been changed from 100%/60% → 100%/70%.
  • Felling Axe’s attack multiplier for each hitbox has been changed from 100%/60% → 100%/70%.
  • Flanged Mace’s attack multiplier for each hitbox has been changed from 100%/70% → 100%/80%.
  • Halberd’s attack multiplier for each hitbox has been changed from 100%/60%/40% → 100%/70%/50%.
  • Morning Star’s attack multiplier for each hitbox has been changed from 100%/70% → 100%/80%.
  • Spear’s attack multiplier for each hitbox has been changed from 100%/60% → 100%/70%.
  • Recovery from Surgical Kits is now treated as physical healing.
  • The Howling Crypts has now been removed from the map rotation and has been replaced with another instance of the Ruins.
  • Several performance optimizations for the Goblin Caves.
  • Reduced the monster density for the Goblin Caves.
  • Updated the overall health of the Cyclops.
  • Healing from Lich’s Curse is now treated as system healing.
  • Improved the drop rate of the Troll Pelt.
  • Improved the drop rate for Mimics.
  • Improved the drop rate for items from breaking barrels.
  • Return of spectator mode for High Roller dungeons.
    • Players will be able to spectate other players for up to 1 minute after their party has been eliminated from the High Roller dungeon.

While you wait to hop back in-game to check the update out for yourself, you should browse through our roundup of the most useful Dark and Darker tips to give yourself a step up in the challenging RPG. You can also check out our in-depth guide on all of the Dark and Darker classes if you’re considering trying out a new one. There’s something out there to suit each unique playstyle, after all.

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