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The next Dark and Darker wipe is coming sooner than planned

The next Dark and Darker wipe will arrive sooner than previously planned, developer Ironmace confirms in an update via Discord, so get ready for the reset.

Dark and Darker wipe coming early with hotfix 18 - A man in chainmail and a yellow scarf yells.

It’s always important to keep an eye on Dark and Darker wipe times, as they’ll see your hard-earned progress stripped away for a server-wide reset. While that might sound dramatic to any new players, it’s a key part of the game’s regular schedule and leaderboards. Developer Ironmace confirms via a Dark and Darker update on Discord that the next wipe for the breakout hardcore RPG will arrive sooner than planned, with rescheduling that will see patch two delayed into mid November as we await news of a potential return to Steam.

In a statement to the official Dark and Darker update channel on Discord, Ironmace dev ‘sdf’ explains, “In order to make our progress towards the desired direction more accurate and expedited, through internal discussions we have decided to conclude the current temporary leaderboard a bit earlier than originally planned, and also advance the wipe schedule.” This will be part of the next early access hotfix for the dungeon-crawling RPG game.

The new date is set for Thursday October 26, when Dark and Darker hotfix patch 18 will arrive along with an early closure of the leaderboard and a wipe. Don’t worry too much, however, as you won’t lose absolutely everything in this particular reset, only your items – so your Dark and Darker classes should be largely unaffected otherwise, although you’ll still have to work hard to claw your way back up to greatness.

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“Hotfix 18 will definitely bring changes to the game direction based on the results of testing conducted so far,” Ironmace says. Following this, “In order to allow time to assess the outcomes of these changes, patch two, which was originally scheduled for early November, will be postponed slightly and is now expected to take place in mid November.” Unlike this item-only wipe, Dark and Darker’s second major patch will include a full-scale wipe of all characters, items, and your Triumph levels.

Dark and Darker hotfix patch 18 arrives Thursday October 26, 2023. For further details and updates, you can join the official Dark and Darker Discord (invite link opens in a new window).

Ironmace has yet to confirm an exact Dark and Darker release date for the full version, but we’ve got all the details on the game’s current status, including its uncertain future on Steam. We’ve also got the best Dark and Darker tips to ensure you aren’t caught out in the dungeons by more veteran players.