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Massive Dark Souls 3 mod is finally getting a demo, and it’s out soon

Dark Souls: Archthrones is an enormous fan-made Dark Souls 3 overhaul mod, long in the making, that's finally launching a demo very soon.

Dark Souls 3 mod sets demo launch date: A ghostly king with red eyes, from Dark Souls 3.

As if playing through one of FromSoftware’s many enormous, secret-filled, and tough as nails action games wasn’t fulfilling enough already, enterprising modders have been hard at work creating a wildly in-depth new project meant to give players a fresh spin on the Dark Souls series. Dark Souls: Archthrones is a sprawling fan prequel to Dark Souls 3 that’s been long in the making and has just announced the launch date for its first demo — all the better to help make the wait for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree a little easier to take.

The Dark Souls 3 mod promises to seriously rework the action-adventure game, offering a story set before its source material’s plot that will take place across five large environments with improved visuals and fresh designs. The demo trailer shows off some of what we can expect, with the player fighting strange new enemies and travelling across desert sands dotted with ruins before shots of snowy courtyards and rickety wooden bridges are displayed.

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If this looks enticing, you won’t have long to wait to give it a try for yourself. Dark Souls: Archthrones’ demo is set to launch this Friday, March 15. Even better, Archthrones’ creators have stated before that the mod will be completely free (though it requires a copy of Dark Souls 3 and its DLCs to work) when it comes out.

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