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Dark Souls 3 is the fastest-selling game in Bandai Namco US history

Dark Souls 3

Do you know your Bandai Namco US history? Then you’ll know that no game has sold so fast, nor rolled so swiftly, nor dodged more effectively, than FromSoftware’s Dark Souls III – a somewhat niche prospect, you would think, offering knotty level design and demanding dogged persistence. 

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The publishers haven’t yet released sales figures, but have boasted of “incredibly strong first week sales” for Hidetaka Miyazaki’s return to the series as director. So much so that the second sequel has broken company records.

Bandai Namco’s Europe castle hasn’t sent forth similar information. Videogamer posit that The Witcher 3’s superior sales might be to blame – Bandai Namco published CD Projekt’s opus in Europe, where it had a wildly successful launch.

But appearances suggest an impressive performance nonetheless – Dark Souls III topped the UK charts where its two predecessors failed to do so. Our Fraser went some way towards explaining why in his 9/10 Dark Souls III review:

“I have no doubt that people will argue for years about where Dark Souls III sits in the series, if it’s better than Dark Souls II, worse than Bloodborne, on par with Demon’s Souls, but none of that’s important. What is, is the game’s power to make you feel like you’ve actually earned every reward, every successful battle.”

How has Dark Souls 3 made you feel?