Dark Souls 3 will feature Battle Arts bestowed by weapon types that use mana to activate

Dark Souls 3

The art of revealing information about Dark Souls 3 is not one I envy From Software taking on. How much do you say without spoiling games which are respected for their ability to surprise, intrigue and force discovery? It’s a difficult process, and it seems to me that we know less about the third iteration (fourth if you count PS4-only werewolf-slayer Bloodborne) than any that have come before. However, some new footage taken from a livestream shows off not only more areas, but also a key system: weapons giving access to new skills.

Will this be another entry in our list of the best RPGs, joining itspredecessors?

The main example shown is a dagger that gives access to a quick-step similar to the dodge available in Bloodborne. It doesn’t replace the roll, but it does use an entirely seperate resource bar, the blue Estus ‘mana’ that we were assuming would be mainly used for spells. This doesn’t recharge constantly like stamina, but has its own flask and other items to restore it. Here it is in action, with translated closed captions provided byFextralife:

That bow now also seems a lot more useful than any other ranged weapon I’ve used in a Souls game. I’m excited to see what special abilities my standard faves of tower shield, heavy armour and ultra greatsword bestow. I’ll take being invulnerable, From Soft, if you like.

The demo that’s mentioned at the end is a series of location tests that are going on in Japan, sadly nothing you can get involved with if you’re not local. Those who are, or think it’ll be worth the plane ride, here’s the post on the Japanese site that shows the dates and times.

Inevitably, some footage from these demo play sessions will be recorded, so chances are we’ll be seeing the rest of this area soon. Based on the health of the enemies versus the quality of the chap’s gear, it looks to be one of the very earliest in the game, possibly the first. Perhaps will see how Dark Souls 3’s first boss matches up to the Asylum Demon and Last Giant?