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This Dark Souls 3 mod lets you have a same-sex marriage with Anri

A Nexus Mods creator has flipped the game's defaults so you can now have a same-sex marriage with Anri of Astora

Right on time for June, which is LGBT Pride month, one creator has added a mod for Dark Souls III that adds a useful change to an in-game relationship you can pursue. Courtesy of Thefifthmatt over at Nexus mods, you’ll now be able to find matrimonial bliss in a same-sex relationship with character Anri of Astora.

The Gay Marriage mod, as spotted by Kotaku, basically flips the game’s defaults that determine Anri’s sex as opposite to yours, depending on which sex you chose for your player character. With the mod, Anri will be the same sex as you. The description says “in this mod, take a romantic trip to Anor Londo to get summoned into your same-sex sweetheart’s world and slay the sludge monster that ruined their life. Or if long-term commitment is more your thing, head down to cozy Darkmoon Tomb and ‘marry’ your beloved instead”.

The mod seems simple enough to install, and the user says you can do it at any time. You’ll just need to be aware that it’ll affect all of your game save files until you uninstall it.

A word of warning, though – the creator stresses that you should only use the mod if you’re offline and then delete the save files affected by the mod before heading back online. If not heeded, you could earn yourself a permanent ban for modifying the game’s parameters, the creator advises.

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Tying the knot isn’t a main aspect of Dark Souls III, but if you’re keen to introduce a same-sex option into the marriage side quest with Anri, this is surely the mod for you. Head over to its page on Nexus Mods to grab it. I wish you a lifetime of happiness! Or, as much happiness as the super gothic RPG will let you have, anyway.