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Dark Souls 2 now much harder as mod flips FromSoftware RPG upside down

Dark Souls 2, the 2014 FromSoftware RPG, gets much harder as a new Dark Souls mod flips the game upside down – a good challenge if you’re done with Elden Ring

Dark Souls 2 now much harder as mod flips FromSoftware RPG upside down: Fantasy knights do battle on castle walls in RPG Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2, the tricky, 2014 Soulsborne sequel by FromSoftware, is suddenly a lot harder thanks to a new Dark Souls mod that flips the entire RPG game upside down, a decent challenge if you’re done with Elden Ring and Sekiro, but certainly not for the faint of heart.

Lightning reflexes, frame-perfect parries, a keen eye for pitfalls and traps – Dark Souls 2 demands the best of your videogame abilities, with bosses like Sir Alonne and Cerah proving some of the toughest in the entire Soulsborne canon. It’s hard enough, is what I’m saying, when played the right way up. Trying to dodge, scrap, and successfully roll away from danger when the sky’s the floor and left goes right sounds like a nightmare.

And yet, as is often the case in the world of Drangleic, nightmare has become reality, with modder HalfGrownHollow releasing the aptly titled “Upside Down”, which flips the entire game camera on its head, offering you the chance to “traverse Drangleic from a whole new perspective!” I appreciate the enthusiasm implied by the exclamation mark, though have to admit that I greet the prospect of upside-down Dark Souls with more a resigned dread than gleeful excitement. I mean, think of the Frigid Outskirts…

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Upside Down is easy to install and HalfGrownHollow has provided full instructions on the mod’s download page. Just bear in mind that you will need the remastered Scholar of the First Sin edition of Dark Souls 2, and that the mod forces you to play offline, so you can’t invade anyone else’s world while inverted. You can get Upside Down right now at Nexus Mods.

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