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Dark Souls 3’s servers will go down for a couple of hours on May 20 for patch 1.07

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3’s servers will be down for a couple of hours tomorrow while the Regulation Version 1.07 patch is applied, so you’ll have to finally suck it up and kill a boss on your own if you want to explore Lordran. 

If you’re too scared to go it alone, why not play something off our list of PC’s best RPGs.

The main aim of the update is to improve the password matching feature, as well as adding some matchmaking improvements to various covenants, meaning once it’s all over you will be able to team up more efficiently than ever.

That’s right – you will never have to brave the darkness alone again… unless you run out of Ember, which I hope you do now.

There are also a bunch of balance tweaks to various weapon categories, along with the super insightful “several game flaws fixed”. Maybe there won’t be as many damn mimics now, eh? Eh, FromSoftware? EH?

The servers will also be offline for maintenance on May 20 from 10am to 12pm CEST (3am PDT), and you can check out the full patch notes below:

Main Adjustments:

  • Adjusted the efficiency of the Great shield category
  • Adjusted the consuming FP of the Magic Spell Category
  • Adjusted the efficiency of the category below:

– Dragon Slayer’s Axe

– Crescent Axe

– Dark Drift

– Washing Pole

– Moonlight Great Sword

  • Fixed the shield penetration rate of the partial attack in the scythe category
  • Fixed the stamina attack of the partial weapon category.
  • Improved the matching of the Blade of the Darkmoon and the Blue Sentinels covenants.
  • Improved the password matching rate
  • Improved other game balance
  • Several game flaws fixed.