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Dark Souls Pro Skater clip goes viral, and you can play now

The phenomenal Dark Souls Pro Skater clip of Solaire shredding in Firelink Shrine Tony Hawk style is making the rounds again, and you can play it too.

Dark Souls Pro Skater clip goes viral, and you can play now

Dark Souls Pro Skater is the only spin-off I’ve ever truly wanted. As the absolutely incredible clip of a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game with Dark Souls‘ Firelink Shrine is making the rounds yet again, all I can think about is how the RPG game‘s interconnected world would be a perfect fit for grind rails and half pipes, but alas, I guess this clip will have to do.

The affectionately titled Dark Souls Pro Skater clip shows everyone’s favorite NPC Solaire of Astora absolutely ripping it across Firelink Shrine in a mod for Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, turning the dilapidated land of Lordran into the best nosegrind location of 2023.

While the mod doesn’t let you do a 900 over the Bed of Chaos or infinite grind on the Lordvessel like its the fountain from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 campus level, it is real.

We’ve got Bloodborne Kart, so why can’t we have Dark Souls Pro Skater or Elden Ring dirt rally. I’d pay good money to wallride those damn Silver Knights with bows and arrows in Anor Londo, finally sticking it to them after years of ledge-based torment. A skateboard would make Blighttown a whole lot more bearable too, now that I think about it.

Old-school Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater fans will also recognize the track in the clip as Goldfinger’s Superman, which alongside their other song Spokesman is a certified banger and a key memory for many of us who huddled around a PS1 back in the day as the glow of the CRT kept us warm with kickflips and varial heelflips.

If you want to try this out for yourself I’ve got some good news, the Solaire model and Firelink Shrine level are both mods for Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 on PC. So purchase a copy online, because it’s absolutely 100% worth it for Firelink Shrine and Solaire alone. Just get Underground 2 and install the THUGPro mod, which has a whole host of community-made levels and ports from other Tony Hawk games to keep you entertained.

Frankly, I can’t quite find the words to describe why the clip of Solaire shredding across Firelink Shrine scored to Goldfinger entertains so many of us whenever it appears. But as the great Todd Howard once said, “It just works.” Every now and again we just need something that makes us smile, and this is it.

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