Bored of Elden Ring? Don’t worry, Bloodborne Kart is coming

Bloodborne Kart is the tongue-in-cheek new project from the Bloodborne PS1 demake team, and we're pretty sure it's not an April Fool's Day joke

Bloodborne Kart is real and coming from the PS1 demake team.

Bloodborne Kart is coming, for those that think that Elden Ring is great but isn’t enough of a racing game. It’s a tongue-in-cheek new project from the creators of the Bloodborne PS1 demake, and it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke. We think, anyway.

FromSoftware’s Bloodborne is top of the list of best console games we wish were on PC, so for now PC users’ only option is to play the PS1-style demake of Bloodborne which released earlier this year. We’re also less than a week away from April Fool’s Day, and last year the demake team made a funny announcement that it was cancelling Bloodborne PSX and making Bloodborne Kart instead.

Now, apparently, the team says it is actually, really working on Bloodborne Kart as a genuine game. Lead @b0tster has started posting development threads on Twitter. They plan to have multiple racers with their own unique karts, including karts and the cool Akira-style bike in the picture above.

The developer has recreated the April Fool’s Day track, and has even got some cool coat-flapping animations going on the lead Hunter character on the bike. Suffice to say, depending on how ambitious Bloodborne Kart gets, it’s probably still a long way from being playable.

Here’s what the original April Fool’s Day gag last year looked like, for reference.

It also should be noted that neither Bloodborne Kart nor the demake are officially endorsed by FromSoftware or Sony. We’re still waiting on that Bloodborne PC remaster, for now.

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