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Dark Souls Remastered is half off if you have the original on Steam

dark souls remastered discount

Dark Souls Remastered is set to launch in a month, bringing what should be the definitive version of the game to all platforms on May 25 – assuming you haven’t just modded the original, of course. We’d heard contradictory word early on about whether previous owners on Steam would get a discount on the final release, but now Bandai Namco have at last cleared the air.

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Owners of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on Steam will get 50% off their purchase of Dark Souls Remastered. That brings the otherwise $40 rerelease down to $20, and the discount will be available starting on release day.

Bandai Namco also plan to have the new version replace the old one entirely, as the original Prepare to Die Edition will be delisted from Steam on May 9, fully two weeks before the release of the new game. You’ll still be able to play the old version if you already own it.

The original Dark Souls release on PC was a bit of a mess, and even with DSfix and the like solving most of those problems it’s good to see something of a make-good for those who bought it. If you’re jonesing for more Souls action on PC before the launch, there are now, uh, ways to play Demon’s Souls on home computers in 4K which may keep you occupied.