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Colossal Dark Souls mod rivals Elden Ring DLC in scale

Dark Souls Nightfall, the upcoming fan mod that wants to be a sequel to FromSoftware's magnum opus ahead of the Elden Ring DLC, just had a massive update.


How does a Dark Souls sequel sound? What about if it took the genre-defining RPG game and completely remixed the entirety of Lordran, from map layout to bosses and NPCs, while adding tons of new features as well? If that’s right up your alley as a Dark Souls fan, we’ve got a major update on the fan project Dark Souls Nightfall, ahead of the Elden Ring DLC release date.

Dark Souls Nightfall is a fan-made sequel to FromSoftware’s breakout hit, with new and remixed bosses, weapons, NPCs, and world spaces that aim to sort of make a Dark Souls 1.5, if you will. Developer Grimrukh also says it takes “many cues from the design of Majora’s Mask, one of my favorite games,” which is definitely the most intriguing tidbit.

We already knew Dark Souls Nightfall was being “expanded” in light of Elden Ring, so I wonder what the upcoming DLC has the team thinking?

“Nightfall doesn’t add too many new map assets or entire new areas to Dark Souls,” designer Grimrukh says. “But it does try to emulate that feeling of trying to piece together Lordran as a whole. With a redesigned world that fits together in surprising new ways.”

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Grimrukh adds that most of the work in this regard is well and truly finished, but that there’s “one more small brand new map to the game’s final area,” alongside improvements to unexplored parts of the Dark Souls map. As FromSoftware didn’t fully build out a lot of Lordran, with assets in the distance being completely empty on the side you’ll never see for example, Dark Souls Nightfall is fully building out some of these areas.

You can also expect new bosses in Nightfall, with many of them being new and ambitious ideas instead of “rematches against old Dark Souls foes with new speed modifiers.”

Dark Souls Nightfall is also set to feature new spells too, but the team behind the mod is conscious of how, especially in the original Dark Souls, magic can often become a crutch to help players blast through the game, so changes are being made. “So you can expect we’ll be a bit conservative on this front,” Grimrukh says. “Any new spells on day zero will be quirky and fun, instead of a reason to ignore swords and bows completely.”


Don’t worry though, the weird and wonderful NPCs FromSoftware is known for will be making a return, so expect some delightful and cryptic voice acting. The real-time lighting for Nightfall has also apparently been finished, so expect day and night cycles, and even brand new cutscenes too.

There’s no release date for Dark Souls Nightfall yet, but we’re definitely getting closer and closer with all of the improvements and milestones being hit by the team. A demo was also released for Nightfall last year, so if this is your first exposure to the project be sure to check that out. Nightfall isn’t alone either, as the upcoming Dark Souls 3 mod Archthrones looks like a full-on DLC for that game, with many fan projects set to join the Elden Ring DLC.

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