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Get Darkest Dungeon for its lowest price ever, it’s a steal

The nightmarish roguelike turn-based RPG Darkest Dungeon is yours for the price of a decent coffee, as part of Steam's random midweek deals.

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Thanks to one of Steam’s midweek sales, the fantastic hand-drawn turn-based horror RPG Darkest Dungeon can be added to your library for the price of a decent coffee – there’s bad coffee, and there’s good coffee after all.

Darkest Dungeon is renowned for its innovative combination of turn-based combat and roguelike game attributes, letting the two coalesce into a genuinely challenging experience where you’ll be facing off against the Eldritch horrors that lie in the darkness.

Its unique Affliction system grants an added layer of stress, forcing the player to worry about not only the physical enemies ahead, but also the mental stressors of the party such as paranoia, which have meaningful effects on the choices they can make.

This is all presented in a gorgeous hand-drawn gothic crowquill style, standing out from anything else on the market. Darkest Dungeon is absolutely worth its full price, so you’d have to be suffering from insanity yourself to miss out on this Steam sale.

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At the moment, you can pick up Darkest Dungeon on Steam for just £2.09/$2.65, down 90% from its original price. This sale also extends to its various editions, DLCs and soundtrack, meaning you can grab Ancestral Edition (which includes the base game, soundtrack and all DLC) for just £6.27/$7.94; a deal so good it’s scary.

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