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Darkest Dungeon player count spikes by 250% in 48 hours

A massive boost in player count shows that money really does make the world go round, even in the gloomy hellscapes of Darkest Dungeon.

Darkest Dungeon player count spikes by 250% in 48 hours: An image of a hand drawn warrior holding a huge gun wearing a brown hood with armor

Following its inclusion in Steam’s current Lovecraftian Days event and sale, gothic roguelike Darkest Dungeon has seen an absolutely gargantuan increase in its player count, according to SteamDB.

While Darkest Dungeon has never been an unpopular game by any means, it’s mostly maintained a steady player count thanks to dedicated fans who haven’t found anything else that quite hits the same specific niche of gothic roguelike RPG game. That, and they might not have been fond of its very different sequel.

As of writing, Friday April 5, Darkest Dungeon’s current active player count has jumped up to the massive 15,929, which is only roughly 3,000 off its all-time peak of 19,357 at its launch seven years ago. This huge increase is up from an average player count of roughly 3,000 active players, making its current player count around quintuple its average.

This huge increase is thanks to the current Lovecraftian Days event and sale being held by Steam, which has seen the prices of many gothic games fall heavily. Darkest Dungeon specifically has fallen 90% from its original price down to just £2.09/$2.65, meaning the huge increase in the roguelike’s player count is entirely thanks to its new lack of wallet damage.

Who could blame them for picking up a fantastic and unique turn-based RPG for such a ridiculously low price? Even with its current highs, it’s likely this number will only go up as the Lovecraftian Days event continues on through the week.

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